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What's the deal?

Thank you for your interest in joining the London Lonely Girls Club team and being a community representative.

To help us to get to know you better and also understand why you’d like to be part of the LLGC team and be involved in running our meet-ups, below are some questions we’d love for you to answer! Please answer them honestly, there is no right or wrong answers.  

Once completed please email your answers to:

We will be unable to answer or respond to any submissions for this via Facebook DM.  
We have no idea what the response will be like to this, so you could get a reply with a few days or it might take us a couple of weeks to go through the responses and emails. So please do be patient with us!  
•    What is your name, age, contact information and name on your Facebook account? 
•    Why do you want to be part of the LLGC team, and be a community representative?  
•    Do you enjoy being part of the LLGC community? How has it been valuable to you? 
•    If you could describe LLGC in 3 words what would these be? 
•    Which (if any) LLGC meet-ups have you been to in the past? What did you enjoy about it? 
•    If you haven’t ever been to an LLGC meet-up, why are you interested in being involved and helping to run our monthly meet-ups? 
•    How much time would you be able to commit to being a community representative and being involved in meet-ups? (1 evening a month, 1 afternoon every 6 weeks, twice a month etc) 
•    What kind of meet-ups would you want to be involved in if you were to become a community representative? (Activity meet-ups, evening meet-ups, meet-ups in a certain part of London etc) 
•    Would you feel comfortable being the point of contact for both members and venues for meet-ups, and dealing with any issues that arise, such as if we haven’t been given enough space/seats or there is an issue with the bill? 
•    Would you have time prior to the meet-up to manage the attendee and waiting lists, deal with any drop outs and speak to those on the waiting list about whether they would still like the spot? Or would you prefer not to be involved in this part of the meet-ups? 
•    Is there anything else you’d like us to know or would like to share that you think is important? 

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