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Joined February 2020


"LLGC made my move to London loads easier. I'm supported and can't wait to get involved more!"


New Zealand

Joined February 2019


"London Lonely Girls Club has been a lifeline and a haven during my time in London. Through this initiative, I’ve found lifelong friends, as well as a wider circle of women with whom I feel safe and supported. Moving to a new country could have been overwhelming, but Holly and the girls took me under their collective wing, showing me kindness and empathy. Through LLGC, I’ve discovered so much about London, about women from all over the world, and about myself. The group has a fantastic online presence, so I can always find advice for even the most obscure question, and it’s been amazing to see the women (who have never met before) use this forum to connect and build their own circle of friends. 
London could be a really lonely place, but thanks to Holly and the LLGC family, that’s never been my experience."



Joined Spring 2019


"Moving to London and knowing virtually no one is truly terrifying. However after going to some LLGC events and meeting some of the girls, it’s such a warm and welcoming environment. I’m so thankful that LLGC exists and can help share some love and joy in what can be a very scary and isolating city."



Joined August 2019


"LLGC has been amazing for me settling into London, when I first moved I didn't know anyone and a friend from home found the group on Facebook for me. As soon as I turned up at my first meet-up I was welcomed into the group. I've made some great friends and been to some amazing events, there is such an accepting environment, I never would have settled as well as I have without this group."

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