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The Lonely Girls Club

The Lonely Girls Club is the community helping women connect, make friends and make life less lonely. 

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Who are we?

The loneliness epidemic and need for community & connection are something that is growing on a daily basis, but we're here to help!

The Lonely Girls Club has digital forums, a newsletter and weekly events running across the UK, all focused on our mission to help you make friends, have fun and find support! It's a community with over 80k members and growing daily.

We have active community forums where members can post, share and chat with others online. Plus we run weekly events across the country for members to attend solo, have fun, connect with others and leave having met an incredible group of people to start building friendships with. 

Find your nearest Lonely Girls Club branch

The Lonely Girls Club is on a mission to help women across the UK. We currently have branches in four UK cities, with more coming in 2024!

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 Contact Us

Any questions or queries then do get in touch! 

Interested in collaborating with or sponsoring The Lonely Girls Club or one of our events? Send us an email, we'd love to chat! 

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