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How do I join The London Lonely Girls Club?

"How do I join The London Lonely Girls Club?" is one of the main questions that we get asked! There are two ways to join our comunity, via our private Facebook community or via our email newsletter.


Facebook Community

In our closed Facebook group we have our community forum,here you can post, comment, chat and plan.
Members can post in the community forum to find others in a similar situation or with the same interests as them!

You can also find details of all upcoming meet-ups and when registration will be opening for them in the events section of the Facebook community. 

Email Newsletter

Introducing the brand new The London Lonely Girls Club email newsletter. This is dedicated to all things LLGC, with a key focus on our monthly meet-up events! 

You'll get regular emails from us announcing new meet-ups, giving community updates and giving access to book on for our monthly events, all directly in your email inbox! 

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