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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join The Lonely Girls Club?

There are two ways to join our community. Either by signing up for our newsletter or joining our Facebook community for your cities branch. 


Do I need to have a Facebook account?

Nope! You can become a member of The Lonely Girls Club simply by signing up to our newsletter, everything will be emailed out to you straight to your inbox. 


Where are you based?

We currently have three branches, London, Manchester & Nottingham


Will you be coming to my city in the future?

We’ll be opening more branches of The Lonely Girls Club in 2024, so keep an eye out for announcements and updates! 


How often do you run events?

We run events every week across the UK. For Manchester & Nottingham this is once or twice a month and for London this is pretty much weekly. 


Do you just do walks?

Not at all. Our Walk Club is actually a new addition to our schedule. We run a whole host of events from brunches to friendship speed dating, karaoke to craft sessions and more! You can see the full list of upcoming events on our website or the events tab of your cities Facebook group. 


I can’t seem to register for events on your website?

Lonely Girls Club events are exclusively for community members, you cannot register via our website as this is public (However keep an eye out for announcements of something exciting coming soon on this) Event registration links are shared in a unique event registration email that goes out to all newsletter subscribers at the date and time advertised, as well as posted in the specific event page in our Facebook group. If tickets are still available or open for an event when the following weekly newsletter goes out the link will also be available in that too.


Can I come to an event on my own?

Of course! Lonely Girls Club events are designed for you to attend solo and leave having met a group of lovely people to begin building friendships with. 95% of people attend Lonely Girls Club events on their own so most people are in the same boat and will totally understand how you’re feeling. 


Do you have an age limit?

The only age restriction for our community is that members need to be over 18. 


Can I just turn up to an event on the day?

Unfortunately, not. For all Lonely Girls Club events registration is required, you can never just turn up on the day as all of our venues have a maximum capacity that we need to adhere to. So make sure that you sign up to our newsletter or join our Facebook group for your city so you never miss a beat! 


Your walks look too big for me. 

We totally get it! For some people big events aren’t your thing, and that’s why we run a variety of events each month that involve different activities, locations and have different capacities, so that there’s something for everyone.


12.    Can I  work or collaborate with The Lonely Girls Club? 

Pop us an email! We always love hearing from and working with other organisations that want to support, uplift, connect and empower women! 

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